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When you need hydrofracking in Farmington, Maine, call Burns Well Drilling, Inc. Hydrofracking is a water well stimulation technique in which pressurized liquid fractures rock. The procedure involves subjecting the bedrock formation to water pressure high enough to extend existing fractures or create new ones. If you need our hydrofracking services, give us a call at (207) 778-3813. You can also visit our photo gallery to see some of our previous work.

Hydrofracking Process in Farmington, Maine, and the Surrounding Areas

During the hydrofracking process, we remove water pumps from the well and measure its depth. We also measure the well’s casing and static water level and install the packer below the casing. A high volume of water and pressure are pumped into the well to see if there is a pressure change. We then move the packer for a second hydrofracking process and flush the well. Our staff then resets the pump, and we pump out the water well; the entire process takes four to six hours. Upon the completion of the hydrofracking process, we will perform a flow test to ensure everything works correctly.

What is Happening During Hydrofracking?

The existing fractures are either really small or plugged with sediment. Hydrofracking water wells will clean out these fractures while wearing away the sides, which makes them larger. As a result, more water is then allowed to flow into the well. When it comes to hydrofracking water wells, it is vital to hire professionals you can trust. Burns Well Drilling, Inc.’s team has the tools, skills, and experience to get the job done. Give our office a call during regular business hours to learn more about our hydrofracking services.

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Since our inception, we have striven to provide first-rate hydrofracking services and more. Several counties and communities throughout Western Maine come to us when they need hydrofracking. If you would like to see our hydrofracking process, please visit our gallery. Contact Burns Well Drilling, Inc. today for:

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